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The European supplier for all your Bubble tea needs!

Bubbleteasupply is a European Bubble tea wholesale that ships goods and supplies shops troughout all of Europe. We offer a complete package for Bubble tea shops, from fruity Bubble tea syrup to popping boba, machines to packaging. We have all the Bubble tea ingredients in stock. We also supply POS material to support your Bubble tea sales.

We are a young and dynamic company, but we have a team with years of experience in the Bubble tea business and foodsector. We sell and stock supplies from different renowned brands that have been active in the food and retailsector for many years, such as Possmei and Original Taiwan.

You can order all of our Bubble tea products on the webshop, but also by mail or telephone. For orders, information, questions or technical assistance you can reach us by phone 0031624620436 or by email on info@bubbleteasupply.nl

Check out our competitive prices and make your business even more profitable!